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Wholesale Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas
Herbal teas are known throughout the world for their health benefits and their distinctive delicious flavor. Our teas are made from the Earth's flowers, nuts, roots, berries, seeds, bark, and leaves. All contain natural and vital nutrients and vitamins.

What better way to quench your thirst, than to savor that delicious herbal essence and get your vitamins all at the same time! GourmetCoffees realizes the selling potential of herbal teas and now offers you a 2lb wholesale bag in several varieties. Hot or cold, plain or sweetened, they are easy to prepare fresh and a delight to serve while knowing the added health benefits of our teas. We are excited to bring you detailed information on each of our herbal teas.

Information such as the tea’s origin, history, geography, and medicinal benefits are listed on each website page. Enjoy reading and drinking a natural way to good health and a great cup of tea!