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Gourmet Tea Sampler

Gourmet Tea Sampler
Not sure where to start with our wide variety of gourmet teas? Our Gourmet Tea Sampler is the perfect introduction. We include 2-ounce samples of 8 of our best-selling teas and tisanes, each one completely different in flavor and aroma from the next. Perfect as a gift for your tea-loving friends and family.

This sampler includes the following teas: Blue Eyes Tisane, Darjeeling Tea, Angel Falls Mist Tisane, Formosa Oolong Tea, Japanese Green Sencha, African Rooibos, Russian Caravan Blended Tea, China Black FOP (flowery orange pekoe) Tea, 1 Teaball Infuser
Gourmet Tea Sampler
Only $29.94