Cuvee Collection

Cuvee Collection
GourmetCoffees is the first coffee roastery ever, to bring you an exclusive cuvee coffee collection. This collection is ideal for the coffee connoisseur who has already experienced all of our original gourmet beans, and knows what to expect from a superior coffee.

Our cuvee collection takes premium coffees and blends them with other superior beans to bring you the finest developed coffee blend ever. These cuvees were inspired by, and contain, the original gourmet bean but with talent and expertise they are fundamentally made better! Why has no one ever thought of this before? Simply put, the genius roast master at GourmetCoffees is an innovator, not an imitator.

No expense has been spared making these paramount cuvees. The cuvee collection consists of coffee blends that are of serious distinction and symbolize the ultimate in luxury.

The cuvee collection makes bold statements about your lifestyle, your taste, your sophistication and your esteem for those you serve coffee to.

The cuvee collection is a revolution in the world of coffee and promises to surpass all your expectations. GourmetCoffees is going to take coffee blends to a new level by creating the most perfect coffee profiles for discriminating individuals who are as obsessed with coffee as we are!