Flavored Coffee

Flavored Coffee
GourmetCoffees.com has your flavored coffee needs covered. With over 125 flavors, available in both regular and decaf, we are sure you will find a favorite or two. We start by expertly roasting our gourmet 100% arabica beans, then adding our specialty flavorings. Choose from classics like Mocha, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut or try something unique like Maple Bacon®, German Chocolate Cake, or Jalapeno Coconut. We know it can be hard to choose just one, so we have picked six of our most popular flavors for you to try in our Gourmet Flavor sampler pack.

Try our Gourmet Flavor Sampler - 6 different half-pound bags of some of our most popular flavors! Also try our Decaf Flavored Coffee.
Almond Coffee
Almond Rum & Fudge Coffee
Almond Toffee Crunch Coffee
Amaretto Coffee
Apricot Cream Coffee
Autumn Harvest Spice Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Baked Alaska Coffee
Baklava Coffee
Banana Hazelnut Coffee
Banana Split Coffee
Bananas Foster Coffee
Blackberry Cobbler Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Blueberry Coffee
Bourbon Truffle Coffee
Brazilian Nut Coffee
Butter Pecan Coffee
Butter Rum Coffee
Butterscotch Toffee Coffee
Calypso Cream Coffee
Cappuccino Cream Coffee
Caramel Apple Coffee
Caramel Cream Coffee
Caramel Honey Coffee
Caramel Pecan Coffee
Cherries Jubilee Coffee
Chocolate Almond Coffee
Chocolate Almond Biscotti Coffee
Chocolate & Nuts Coffee
Chocolate & Peppermint Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Chocolate Cherry Coffee
Chocolate Coconut Coffee
Chocolate Cream Coffee
Chocolate Nut Swirl Coffee
Chocolate Irish Cream Coffee
Chocolate Island Coffee
Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coffee
Chocolate Mint Coffee
Chocolate Raspberry Coffee
Chocolate Strawberry Coffee
Christmas Cheer Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Christmas Cookie Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Christmas Frost Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Cinnamon Blueberry Coffee
Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee
Cinnamon Spice Coffee
Cinnamon Sweet Potato Swirl Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee
Coconut Cream Coffee
Coconut Macaroon Coffee
Coconut Rum Coffee
Cookiedoodle Coffee
Country Christmas Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Cranberry Cream Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Creme Brulee Coffee
Dark Chocolate Coffee
Egg Nog Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Egg Nog Rum
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Egg Nog Spice Coffee
English Toffee Coffee
Fiesta Fudge Coffee
French Caramel Coffee
French Silk Coffee
French Vanilla Coffee
German Chocolate Cake Coffee
Gingerbread Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Golden Pecan Coffee
Grand Marnier Coffee
Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee
Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Coffee
Hazelnut Cream Coffee
Hazelnut Coffee
Highlander Grogg Coffee,
Holiday Grogg Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Honey Nut Praline Coffee
Irish Cream Coffee
Irish Mocha Mint Coffee
Italian Chocolate Coffee
Jalapeno Coconut Coffee
Jamaican Rum Coffee
King Cake Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Linzer Torte Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Macadamia Nut Coffee
Maple Bacon® Coffee
Marshmallow Cream Coffee
Mexican Liqueur & Cream Coffee
Mistletoe Kiss Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Mochadoodle Coffee
Mudslide Coffee
Nutmeg Spice Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Orange Coconut Coffee
Peanut Butter Cup Coffee
Peanut Butter Coffee
Pecan Pie Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Pecan Praline Coffee
Peppermint Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Pumpkin Spice Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Raspberry Coffee
Roasted Chestnut Coffee
12oz $8.94
Sale Price $6.94
Salted Caramel Coffee
Sinful Delight Coffee
Smores Coffee
Southern Pecan Coffee
Swiss Chocolate Coconut Coffee
Swiss Chocolate Coffee
Tiramisu Coffee
Toasted Almond Coffee
Vanilla Cream Coffee
Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee
Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee
Vanilla Nut Coffee
Vanilla Srudel Coffee
Vermont Maple Pecan Coffee
White Chocolate Cherry
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
White Chocolate Mousse Coffee