East-African Coffee

East-African Coffee
African coffee is known for being a true gourmet coffee experience. Made with 100% Arabica beans, African beans have a reputation for being rich, full-bodied, medium to dark roasted, and of course, exceptional in sharp flavors and thick, toasty aromas. From a continent that has an extraordinarily history, African beans are known as the most distinguished in the world.

GourmetCoffees.com features some of the most premiere African coffees available, ranging from the regions of Ethiopia – the birthplace of coffee, Tanzania, and Kenya. Although all of these gourmet coffees offer traditional full-bodied roasts, each African coffee type stands superbly on its own.

The Ethiopia Longberry is known for its light-medium roasted coffee with dominantly rich characteristics, while the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe features softer gourmet tastes that have a fragrant note, all while still providing a full-body and strong finish. The Tanzania Peaberry coffee is a lively cup with a medium roast. While Kenya AA, one of the world’s most famous coffees, is known for its sharp tangy body and intense aroma. These deeply rooted characteristics are just the surface of why African coffee is so popular.

If it wasn’t for the cultivation of coffee in Africa, coffee beans would not be as coveted and loved as they are today. For an original coffee experience, African coffee is the most traditional and delicious cup of brew. These African Arabica beans will taste just as you expect them to – freshly roasted and wholesome in flavor. For the freshest, fullest bodied cup of coffee – look to Africa!
African Coffee Sampler
32oz $31.94
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Burundi AA Coffee
12oz $10.50
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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee
12oz $10.65
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Ethiopia Harrar Coffee
12oz $10.65
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Decaf Ethiopia Longberry Coffee
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Decaf Kenya AA Coffee
Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Fair-Trade Coffee
12oz $11.94
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Tanzania Peaberry Coffee
12oz $9.94
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