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Papua New Guinea Coffee (Half Pound Free Sample)
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Papua New Guinea Coffee (Half Pound Free Sample)
Rich and smooth tasting, a cup of Papua New Guinea Coffee is the best way to unwind after a long day. With mildly musty undertones, this coffee exhibits a mild essence of mango and papaya. Each sip will grace your taste buds with a silky smoothness while delivering the flavor of molasses and apricots. Each sip finishes off with the essence of hazelnut and baked apples. Definitely something you want to experience for yourself, this complex-tasting specialty coffee is a feast for your senses.

Grown in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea at altitudes that range from 50005500ft above sea level, this coffee is very reminiscent of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Some of the unique flavors that can be found in this coffee come from the coffee trees being grown alongside Albizza trees, which produce fruits that are believed to have spiritual and medicinal uses. Hand harvested and hand sorted, you can rest assured that only the best coffee beans are included in this selection to deliver a rich-tasting, high-quality brew. Try Papua New Guinea Coffee today!