Hawaiian Coffee

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Kona Reserve

Kona Reserve

These beans are hand selected and medium roasted to order in our small batch roaster to produce a coffee that is sweet in flavor and a body that is balanced in aroma, acidity, and complexity. Treat yourself to the goodness of Hawaiian Kona Reserve.

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Kona Coffees

100% authentic Kona coffee is shipped to you the same day it is roasted and packaged in our roastery for guaranteed freshness. Kona is by far the most sought after coffees in the world, which is why we offer you the largest online variety of gourmet Kona coffee.

Try our exclusive Kona Cuvee, our signature Kona Reserve, blends, decaf, gift packs and our money saving wholesale sized bags. For every palate, for every budget, we have Kona for you!

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Maui Red Catuai

This variety performs well in hot, drier conditions. Sometimes described as the "cabernet of coffees" Red Catuai offers strong, bright, consistency in the cup at a medium roast. The "Reds" are harvested late in the fall. Our Red Catuai produces a hardy, near full bodied cup of coffee at a medium roast. Medium in acidity. Subtle, burgundy-like notes with a hint of spice.


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Maui Yellow Catuai

Typically, Maui Yellow Caturra is the first to ripen with harvest, usually starting in September. The Yellow Caturra is very smooth and gentle. As it cools in your cup its spicy character reveals itself with hints of cinnamon and allspice, and licorice. Full body. Low acidity.


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Hawaii, also known as the Sandwich Islands, is home to some of the world's most luxurious and exotic coffees. For a taste of island life, Hawaii coffee has a thorough spectrum of flavors ranging from chocolate undertones to licorice and allspice hints. Although these fresh farm roasted Hawaiian beans have differentiating flavors, they all share a medium roast that will taste exotically prestigious.

For an authentic Hawaiian taste, the Hawaiian Kona 'Volcanic Estate' is 100% pure Kona. This is a premiere coffee with its reputation and long-loved flavors. With a well-balanced and clear taste, the Hawaiian Kona gourmet coffee beans are known for their smooth, buttery body, and exceptional milk chocolate and fruit-inspired finish. Grown in extraordinary plantation soil, these Hawaiian Kona beans show off the perfect climate that Hawaii has to offer.

Although the Kona is the most distinguished, the Hawaiian Ka'u is the best kept secret of the islands. Similar enough to the Kona, this Ka'u has a medium roast that is silky and strong in its finish. Grown on the same mountain as the Kona, the Ka'u has many of the same features that makes the Kona outstanding, all while offering its own vibrancy of flavor.

Other indulgent Hawaiian island coffees are the Maui Yellow Caturra and the Maui Red Catuai. While the Maui Yellow Caturra offers a smooth yet spicy full body of licorice and cinnamon flavors, the Maui Red Catuai features a robust, full-bodied flavor with hints of burgundy. These colors in these names feature the color of these coffee beans when they are ripe. The Maui Caturra is a yellow, while the Maui Catuai is a red.

Let yourself go on a warm, tropical vacation with these spectacular Hawaiian coffee flavors. If you want the utmost in coffee prestige, look no further than these incredible Hawaiian flavors.