Indian Coffee

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Espresso Gold

Espresso Gold

You can expect espresso Gold to be a sweet, mellow espresso with low acidity and plenty of body. The proof is in the velvety rich, persistent crema. Espresso Gold is a remarkable blend made from Indian coffees using an Italian roasting style. Expect a sweet, mellow espresso with low acidity and plenty of body. The proof is in the velvety rich crema.


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India Malabar Monsooned Voyage

India Malabar
'Monsooned Voyage'

Indian coffees that are "monsooned" are exposed to nature's elements during the processing stage. This produces a unique flavor and makes for a quite distinct coffee. Look for this coffee to display a light body and a low acidity with a mellow and soft flavor. This medium roast coffee is a top grade line of Monsooned Arabicas with its mildly fermented, mildly fruity taste.


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India Mysore Gold Nugget

India Mysore
'Gold Nugget'

The Indian coffee district of Mysore is located on the gold fields in India, hence the name “nuggets.” You will find this medium roasted and exotic coffee to be sweet, spicy, and super rich with a light body and full aroma. Sweet, spicy and super rich with a light body and a full aroma.


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Indian coffee beans feature truly distinct experiences for coffee connoisseurs. With 100% Arabica beans, this coffee region – which is often overshadowed by more popular areas – is known for well-balanced and mild brews. Although India is ranked #8 on the coffee production list, each and every cup feels like a truly unique and individual experience. Since 1670, coffee has been cultivated towards perfection in India, and is proud to provide such hidden gems.

Using its monsoon season to its advantage, Indian coffee is famous for its monsoon soaked beans. The India Malabar ‘Monsooned Voyage’ beans are deeply musty in aroma, but exceptionally mellow, soft, and light-bodied in flavor. Submerged in hard monsoon rain, these yellow beans have put India on the map for its gourmet coffee.

The India Mysore 'Gold Nugget' coffee beans are some of the oldest coffee beans in India. This medium-roasted coffee is known for its exotic flavor and full body aroma. A gourmet conglomeration of flavors, these fresh roasted beans are sweet, spicy, super rich in flavor, all while in a light body for each cup.

The people of India are known for dedicating their lives to their coffee beans, which is why these mild beans are always remarkably perfect and high-quality in both flavor and aroma. For the freshest cup of mild flavored coffee in your favorite coffee mug, look no further than CoffeeAM's Indian coffee selections.