Not able to add multiple items to your shopping cart?

Not able to add multiple items to your shopping cart?

Why can I only have one item in my cart at a time?
Why can't I add more than one item into my shopping cart?

You are unable to add multiple items into your shopping cart because your internet browser is not allowing "cookies" to be written to your computer. Firewalls, virus programs, "enhanced security features", and some pop-up blockers are set to block cookies when they are installed.

What are cookies? Cookies are bits of information created by websites that are stored on your computer in the form of a very small text file.  Most internet shopping carts use cookies to keep track of user information during the shopping process. When you block cookies, you block the ability for your browser to store any information, including what you have just put into your cart. Some very large sites store your shopping information on their servers rather than on your computer, so you may have been able to use their carts with no problem. If you shop around with your cookies blocked, you will find that for the most part, shopping cart use will be very limited.

Here's how to enable your computer to allow cookies and once again use a shopping cart:
These instructions are for Internet Explorer. If you are using AOL's browser, Netscape, or a Mac, please click here for more information.

1. Open your browser and click Tools. Then choose Internet Options.


2. When the Internet Options menu appears, select Privacy and then Advanced:


3. Check the box that says Override automatic cookie handling, Accept First-Party Cookies, and Always allow session cookies. The Third-party Cookies column can be set to your personal preference, although you should choose either Block or Accept. Click OK.


4. That's all there is to it! You *might* want to click the Default button and see how high your Security settings are. If they are set to High, you may still find your internet usage limited. Medium is a good setting to use:

Click OK and you should be set.

If you are still having problems, you'll need to consult the Help files for the virus-protection / pop-up blocker / zone alarm / firewall that you have installed on your computer that is blocking cookies. If you continue to have problems with our shopping cart, please call us at 678-807-1003 and we will be happy to assist you.