Cup Size: Americano

Cup Size: Americano
Love the taste of espresso and want it to last a little longer? Americano is your cup size! Pull a shot of our Espresso Prima, then add another shot of Panama Estate gourmet coffee, mix with equal parts hot water, diluting the espresso and you have a sensational Americano. This is not 'diluted' as in a watered down version of espresso, this is a celebration of flavor without the heaviness of a straight espresso shot.

Espresso Prima is an exceptional bold espresso combined with the complex cup of Panama Estate, together bringing you an Americano that is sure to rouse your senses! It really is as easy as owning an espresso machine. Are you ready to give it a shot?


Americano Cooler
Iced Americano-fill a cup with ice cubes and add sugar to your liking. You then want to add the espresso Prima by pouring it over the ice allowing the sugar to melt and the espresso to cool. Make sure that you add 1 more extra shot to the cold drink than you would for the hot Americano.

Honey sweet Americano
Fill a large glass with ice and add 1-tablespoon honey to it. Pour espresso Prima shots over the honey to melt it as well as cool the espresso Prima. Add a splash of milk or half and half to taste.