Cup Size: Con Panna

Cup Size: Con Panna
Con Panna
Con Panna is nothing short of a dream in a cup. Dark, hot, bold, and Gold espresso at the bottom with equal parts of cold fluffy dreamy whipped cream on top. It's naughty and it's nice! Espresso Gold is a beautiful combination of Indian coffees and Italian roasting that promises a sweet and mellow espresso with low acidity. Only needing an espresso maker, 1lb of Espresso Gold and whipped cream, it doesn't get any easier than Con Panna. And as the flavors mingle in your mouth, you'll see it doesn't get any tastier either!


Con Panna Delight
1 cup of espresso Gold with 1 cup of hot water and a huge dollop of whipped cream makes a Con Panna, but to mix it up a bit, try sprinkling the top with Ghirardelli ground white chocolate or maybe drizzle a bit of Flavorganic Raspberry organic syrup on the whipped cream. It adds a touch of color as well as a bit of genuine raspberry flavor.