Cup Size: Espresso

Cup Size: Espresso
You're going to love a single shot of our Organic Espresso served in your favorite demitasse cup. This fine organic bean is roasted to medium-dark perfection. If you love that one of a kind taste you get from espresso, you'll find that Organic Espresso is where the flavor is! Basic, natural, free of anything that might alter the taste of this perfect bean, here you get the delicious truth in the best selling Organic espresso from GourmetCoffees, but don't take our word for it, try it yourself!


Polar bear Shot
Our Organic espresso leaves little to be desired, but we wanted to mention that it is also as exceptionally delicious thrown over ice for those dog days of summer. To add to the rich dark flavor of Organic espresso you could add just a drizzle of Monin dark chocolate syrup and serve it as dessert! Dark chocolate and espresso together, is there anything better?