Cup Size: Night Rider

Cup Size: Night Rider
Night Rider
Take a regular cup of American coffee; add a shot of espresso Verdi and 1 oz cocoa mix and you have created a Night Rider espresso beverage! Imagine the fun you'll have serving Night Riders up to your friends and family, they are so easy to make and only require the use of an espresso machine and a pound of the intensely bodied, bold flavored Espresso Verdi.

The name is intriguing, the ingredients are captivating, and the flavor is sheer bliss.


In the heat of the Night-Rider
Mix 1 ounce ground white chocolate with 1 shot of espresso Verdi. Top off the rest of your favorite coffee mug with Organic Galapagos Island Estate coffee for an awesome mix of white chocolate and espresso coffee flavor.

Have a good Night-rider
Combine 1 shot of espresso Verdi with 1oz of Ghirardelli chocolate sauce fill the remainder of your favorite cup with the American favorite Hawaiian Kona Cuvee.