Cup Size: Macchiato

Cup Size: Macchiato
Our Espresso Italia makes for the perfect Espresso Macchiato. Caught just between the first and second popping, these beans are considered full city roast and are roasted just to the point of perfection where the sweetness and body have started to increase. Espresso Italia produces a smooth and well-rounded cup perfect for making Macchiattos.

Watch how easy this is to do at home it is as simple as pouring 1.5 ounce of Espresso Italia in your favorite demitasse cup and topping it with 1.5 ounces of hot frothed milk. Simply serve and enjoy.

Simple to make and impressive to drink, our Espresso Macchiatto requires only Espresso Italia, an espresso maker and a milk frother.

Espresso Italia offers a strong, explosive espresso flavor while the frothy steamed milk tastes and looks delightful. Fresh and flavor rich, this simple to make macchiato is the true taste of success!


Espresso Eggnog Macchiato
To your 1.5oz espresso Italia, add 1.5oz of milk mixed with eggnog. Once the espresso is in the cup, top with hot frothed eggnog flavored milk and serve.

Ah ha! Amaretto Macchiato
Could we make it more Italian? Yes we can! Pour 1.5oz espresso Italia into your favorite demitasse cup. To the 1.5oz of milk, add a splash of Flavorganic amaretto organic syrup and froth. Top the espresso with the froth and truly Bellisimo!