Gourmet Decaf Flavor Sampler - 6 (half-pounds)

When you just don't know which of our best-selling decaf gourmet flavored coffees to choose, our Gourmet Decaf Flavor Sampler is here to help. These decaf flavors have all the same great taste and are made with our 100% pure Arabica bean coffee just like our regular flavors. With flavors ranging from fruity to chocolaty to nutty, this wide variety will keep your taste buds hopping. Order one of these samplers for yourself or a friend and enjoy our Decaf Baklava, Decaf Blueberry Cream, Decaf Cherries Jubilee, Decaf Chocolate Raspberry, Decaf Highlander Grogg, and Decaf Rainforest Crunch.
Gourmet Decaf Flavor Sampler
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