Organic Mexico Fair-Trade Coffee

Without cream or artificial sweeteners, Organic Mexico Coffee has a timeless flavor that can stand alone. Smooth tasting and mild enough for the mildest palates, you won’t experience any bitterness or harsh aftertastes after indulging in a cup of this delicious organic coffee. This delicate coffee has a wonderful aroma that greets your senses before it is even brewed, which produces a delicious beverage that features a nutty essence and a quick citrus finish. Mild and flavorful, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy this delicious organic coffee.

Grown in the Chiapas region of Mexico, these typica varietal coffee beans are grown at altitudes that range from 2600-4000ft above sea level. The Chiapas region enjoys a diverse climate, and is home to numerous volcanoes which enrich the soil and add more character to the flavor of these organic coffee beans. Grown by Mayan farmers who treat the land with reverence in memory... read more >>
This specialty coffee is medium roasted, light bodied, and high in acidity.
Organic Mexico Coffee
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